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“Nature has provided us generously with everything we need to remain in good health.” (Sebastian Kneipp)

Sebastian Kneipp’s (1821 – 1897) holistic approach is still of groundbreaking relevance today for naturopathic healing methods and contemporary preventative medicine. During his life, Kneipp used knowledge of the healing powers of water and medicinal plants and combined them with his own insights to create a systematic teaching. Thus the priest and naturopath created a visionary life philosophy that sees man going about his daily habits and routines and his natural environment as an inseperable and balanced entity.

Sebastian Kneipp revolutionized naturopathic medicine in the 19 century. After having cured himself of a severe case of tuberculosis (a disease held to be incurable in his day) by taking short immersions in the freezing cold Danube, he began intensive study of the health-promoting power of water and the healing properties of certain plants.

He considered the elements of water, plants, exercise, diet and balance to be closely linked. The name Kneipp not only stands for scientifically based naturopathic products and treatments, but also for a holistic life philosophy. 


"… for the healthy individual it is an excellent means to maintain his health and energy, but also in times of illness it is the prime remedy; it is the most natural, the simplest and, when used properly, the safest means. Water is my best friend and will remain so until I die.”




“With every step we take in God’s glorious nature, we encounter more new plants that are extremely useful and curative.”





“Physical exercise increases the enjoyment of living and helps man by strengthening the body.”





“As long as there is no radical change in our dietary habits, the serious damage that causes man to become ill cannot be remedied. Indeed, it will become worse.”




“There is hardly any other circumstance that is more damaging to our health than the way we live our days. A equilibrium must be found to strengthen overstrained nerves, to maintain their strength: we must create a balance.”




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