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These are DREAMY. The scents are so true they are almost hyper-real. You only need to use a small amount to have the scent alllllll over the bathroom and you once you get in and relax. These are such high quality it is amazing. One of the best hostess gifts ever, and a nice thing to have in the guest bath for guests staying over to indulge with!

Massage in a bottle! Melissa and Linden Orange Blossom are my faves. A 20 minute candlelit evening bath with this, and I'm like new for days....great for when a massage isn't in my budget. A lot of deep breathing helps - the aroma is so intense it feels like I can feel it in my heart! WIsh it was easier to find.

I have been using Kneipps since 1995,,,and have never found anything better! It totally changes my mood after a bath...lavender for calming, hops for sleep, rosemary for a quick pick me up:) Here in the States, it is hard to find and expensive. In Germany it is only $6.00 a bottle...lucky for me I have friends who travel there a couple times a year and pick up several bottles for me!

I love these! I've bought three boxes of them, and that's unusual for me, especially for a bath product. The smell is very strong and convincingly purely herbal, and I never worry that they're bad for my skin. I usually use them when I'm feeling weary or headachy or sick with a cold or my muscles ache. I love the little bottles.

Oh my goodness, I love Kneipp! My sister lives in Germany and I got hooked on these when she first made me the perfect bath after crazy travel. I've kinda been loving the Eucalyptus Cold & Flu Herbal Bath liquid, but not only in winter when I have a cold but also in summer or whenever regardless of how good/bad I feel physically, surprisingly! It makes a cool green/blue bath water, cooling but warming sensory experience. So nice.

I haven't used or thought about these for a long time, but the winter cold had me longing for them again! When I was a teenager I saved my money for them at a little bath shop in the mall and I loved them. They were worth every penny to me. The scents are subtle; but that doesn't mean you can't smell them. They smell natural and beautiful, and the colors of the liquids are wonderful for relaxing you, too.

My favourite herbal bath I have used them all for many years, whenever I travel to Germany I buy there they have a few more scents available. Also the lavender is great for kids so they become sleepy just use less then normal quantity like half or even a third amount. Contains essential oils makes for lovely herbal scented soothing relaxing baths.

I took a bath in the lavender herbal bath about 30 minutes ago. I showered first as I was instructed to by the saleswoman. I used about half of the little bottle, even though my bath tub is huge and seats three people. Even with only half the small bottle I got enough oil to really fragrance my entire bathroom and change my water into this amazing blue color. It was a perfect bath! I loved the scent, so relaxing and soothing. The water did not feel greasy, just soft. My tub drained perfectly, no oily ring. Looks shiny and new without rinsing. I am dressed now and running my hands over my legs all I can say is WOW! I have never had skin this soft without using any lotion! Its perfect! Bravo Kneipp!

I'm using the almond oil one at the moment. Leaves my skin just peachy, but not as strong a scent as the others i've tried. After reading all your raves, I think i'll try lavender next.

Kneipp Herbal Baths make for a luxury bath experience. Sublime. I'm hooked on the rosemary. The sad thing is that I remember buying these years ago and they were *so* affordable--things have really changed! Truth is though, they're worth it even at the new prices.

Bought the energizing (or uplifting or whatever) and relaxing eucalyptus one from a B&BW sale recently and i like them. Wish they had more natural oils in them instead of fragrance but it does smell good. I don't know if it really relieves congestions but maybe. I like it because it is relaxing, but i do find i need a cap and a half per bath instead of one cap. Can be expensive if not on sale.

Turns your bath into a silky fragrant experience. Ahhhhhhhhhh........

I need to review these again because I've yet to take a Kneipp bath that doesn't drain the stress right out of my body. They are so effective that they should probably be prescription-only, or a Class A narcotic. If you have a tub with jets, I highly recommend using them for a few minutes, then turning them off and staying very still. All the churning seems to activate a slight effervescent quality in the formula, because you'll feel all these tiny bubbles rising up from beneath you and as they float to the top, they create a layer of creamy foam. Pure bliss.

This is the classic You-Get-What-You-Pay-For in the beauty world scenario. After hearing celebrities extol its soothing properties, I went on a feavrish search to track this down. I picked out lavender, a thick blue hued oil (almost the consistancy of olive oil) that retails for $17. There are a myraid of "Bath Oils" out there, and I buy into the hype and sadly they always prove to let me down, ranging from cheap to expensive, (like kiehls) and do little more than scent the tub for 10 min. So! Kneipp lives up to the hype, turning my bath water into a beautiful serene blue, and the upstairs loo is richly scented with Knipp, pronounced k-nife.

Smells wonderful! Makes the whole room smell wonderful too!

I like this product a lot, I like all 6 scents.. And it leaves my body very soft..

This is by far my favorite bath product. I can't take a bath without using one of the oils.

Mmm, I have one in lavender, it's nice, soothing, relaxing. The smell isn't a fake lavender smell. I don't quite understand the need for blue dye, but I don't mind it. Doesn't leave a film on my skin, but leaves me subtly scented. My only issue is the glass bottle, which is classier than plastic, but kinda dangerous considering it contains slippery oil and you use it in the bath. I hate strong artificial smells a la Bath and Body Works, and this is nothing like that at all.

Absolutely fabulous! I love all of the different scents and herbal forumulas. I love to combine them and play around with them. I've never been disappointed.

My quest for the perfect bath treatment is over! Upon recommendation by my mother (who does not have much interests nor opinions) about cosmetics, I went off and bought the 10 set. The Chamomile is highly relaxing- felt like I was steeping in a cup of tea. The linden/orange blossom is fantastic. I couldn't help but to breath deeply to suck in the lovely scent- which in turn also induced relaxation. The lavender was also lovely according to my husband- he came home frazzled, and came out of the tub with a relaxed smile. It did not leave a ring around the tub, not overly oily, and moisturized my skin perfectly. I can't wait to try them all- I would buy ALL of it in the full size!! Highly recommend it if you are in need of relaxation.

I bought the "sample" package with 10, I think, different smells. I love the smell of the ones I've used and it leaves the skin smooth after a bath. It's not too oily or too dry. All I need now is a bigger tub to soak in! Will for sure buy again when I run out.

This stuff is superb. I cannot speak highly enough of it. It fills the entire home with herbal freshness. It leaves you feeling very uplifted.


These are such a nice indulgence. I hadn't tried these before, so I bought the $30 sample pack at Ulta, which comes with 10 .5 oz. oils and one .5 oz. body oil. I took a bath last night using about half of the bottle of Juniper oil, which smells like spearmint. It was very relaxing and left my skin feeling smooth, but not oily. It didn't leave a greasy residue in the tub either, which makes it more convenient than some bath oils. Afterward, I used some of the body oil on a patch of exczema, and it worked better than any of the lotions I've used lately. I think it would be difficult to use the oil on your entire body, because it doesn't spread very easily. It's good for dry patches, though. These oils will definitely help with the winter blahs.

This was a great product, but I bought the Almond Herbal Bath, and I have mixed feelings about the smell...sometimes I liked the smell, but other times I thought it smelled a little "old ladyish." It moisturized well: not too much, not too little.

My husband found these in New York a few years ago and we gave them away as a gift to our daughter. Hearing all the raves, I bought a package of 10 from Sephora. Let me say that these are truly some of the very best herbal bath products I have ever tried. The scents are true to form, long lasting in the tub and provide an amazing source of rest and relaxiaton. These work especially well in a jacuzzi too. The orange blossom/liden is devine as are the rosemary, spruce & pine, and lavender. A treasure chest for those interested in making the bath experience a feast for the skin. I would give these a l0 if I could.

With over a century of history, Kneipp hydrotherapy products are the definition of tried and true. First-timers check out orange blossom & linden as well as melissa. Both are wonderful at easing stress and promoting sleep, more relevant today than a hundred years ago when they were first developed! My only complaint is the glass bottle...makes me nervous using it in a tiled bathroom where the surfaces aren't forgiving if you make a slip.

I bought a sampler pack from Sephora recently and thought it would be awhile until I had the occasion to use the Eucalyptus. Well unfortunately I caught a terrible cold! So I used the Eucalyptus last night. Wow! It cleared out my nose and sinuses big time, very refreshing. These are great and I can't wait to try the others. Very heavily scented and true to scent essential oils. I now have tried them all, I love them all EXCEPT maybe the Orange Linden - I can see how others would consider that Pledge-y. They are a true herbal smell.

I have tried the sampler, and went on to purchase the full size lavender... Beautiful scents, and very relaxing. Makes even the most boring bathroom into a spa experience.

I have a big bottle of the Lavender bath, and both my husband and I love it. It turns the water a pretty color, but most of all, smells up the entire bathroom! You can even smell it downstairs sometimes.

These baths really show me that herbs, flowers, etc do you have medicinal properties. I can't wait to try more Kneipp things.

I have the Orange & Linden Blossom bath, and I absolutely love it. I work nights, and sometimes it's difficult to sleep during the day. This is the perfect post-work/pre-bedtime soak. The smell is heavenly and relaxing, and it doesn't stain the bathtub.

I've used the lavender for a while and just love it. It's so relaxing, it makes you feel like a brand new person. It's an easy product to use, with a nice measuring line right in the cap. After a bath with Kneipp's, you'll feel relaxed, clean, calm and very very happy!

These are sold in grocery stores in Germany- oh do I wish we'd have that here. If you want a real aromatherapy bath, Kniepp oils are the thing. They were developed under the direction of one Dr. Sebastian Kniepp, who did cures at a spa involving a lot of cold water hosed on your legs and arms (to this day, sauna installations in Germany have a black thick hose to shoot cold water on your extremities as you shower off.) The oils are traditional German "Heilmittel" or healing herbs such as dwarf alpine pine oil, hops, heublumen (meadow flowers, forget the actual herb name), melissa or lemon balm, eucalyptus, and linden. Each oil has a different property for healing. Pine for sore muscles, linden for nervousness, hops for sleep, and eucalyptus for colds and sinus problems. They all work marvelously. Warning, some can stain the tub side temporarily, so best not to put the bottle on the ledge of the tub.

I have used these bath products off and on for years. They truly are comforting and feel like a luxury treat at a great price per bath. The fragrance choices are many...everything from floral to fruit and herb types. It's wonderful to take a hop bath at bedtime to relax, a lavender bath to calm and refresh, or a pine bath to revive and gently stimulate the senses. You can also use them on a bath puff to shower with...just as nice if you want to shower instead of bathe.

Oooohhh... tried the Meadow Blossom one, now I'm hooked. My HG body product! These scents are so pure and refreshing... not to mention they turn the water colors... it makes me feel like I've stepped out of a day spa. It's nice to know that there are some bath products out there that won't make me come out smelling like food or fruit. They're even pretty reasonable for the money. I'm definitely repurchasing.

These are great-smelling indulgences. The pine one is especially nice in the Winter.

UPSIDE: The scents are very nice & smell like having the actual herbs in the bath (without all the mess). If I close my eyes I almost feel like I'm in a field of lavender or a pine forest! They also turn the bath water pretty colors :o) I find them to be fairly gentle to my sensitive skin. Not too expensive either. DOWNSIDE: Hard to find!

Smell lovely, pretty good price, gotta love em!

I have used these for a couple of years now after Mayra told me about the orange linden. It is still my favorite. They are wonderful aromatherapy bath products. I also like the one that smells like spearmint, the pine and lavender are nice too, but I prefer the others. I use half as much as it calls for because using a full cap was irritating to my skin due the essential oils. They scent the entire bathroom, love them. These make a great gift item also. Everyone I have ever given them to has raved about them.

WOW, Truly amazing! I love the scent. I have lavender and it makes me feel so good.

One of the best...we absolutely enjoy its lavender and even my husband loves it.

Great stuff! I used the pinewood scent, it's really refreshing and relaxing. This reminds me that I should buy another bottle tomorrow...

These are wonderful. The scent is very strong and they are safe to use in jacuzzis. Aromatherapy at its best. My only complaint: The melissa smells just like Murphy's Oil Soap!

I bought a sampler pack from Sephora and am now on my second pack. These are great! You get 10 little bottles of the herbal bath and 1 bottle of moisturizing oil. Great variety, nice to take along on a trip, and makes baths just that much more fun!

I have tried the 'orange and linden blossom' one and it is great. There are very few products on the market with the scent of orange blossom and it is far and away the most refreshing and soothing item on the market

I've loved these for ages. You could probably do something similar yourself by dumping essential oil into your bath water, but this mixes so nicely. The little teeny bottles give you two baths---three if you're stingy. :) These are SO fragrant---you just feel *better* after you sit and soak in one. Another nice bonus is that they're not foody or flowery (not most of them, anyway), so my husband enjoys using them as much as I do---his favorites are pine and eucalyptus (both guaranteed to knock your socks off with a *strong* scent). My skin feels great when I get out of the bath, and the scent lingers wonderfully in the bathroom, long after the water's gone... :)

I think I have tried all of these, and Melissa is my favorite. It's for a "good night's sleep." I used to use it a lot until my husband complained that it smelled like Pledge, and you know what, he was right=)

I have only used Almond but it is the best bath product I have ever used. It leaves the skin silky soft with no need to moisturise and it smells delicious. The only problem is that it doesn't last very long, ten baths at the most.

This product is simply essential oil in a water base. Some polysorbate 40 is added to prevent the water and oil separating, and there is a preservative, but apart from that all you get is the pure essential oil. I actually prefer these to the plain undiluted oils, as the polysorbate helps the oil disperse better in the bathwater. There is no cleansing, conditioning or bubbling agent here, so you use these simply for the therapeutic benefits of the oil. The scents are very powerful (these are aromatherapy products, after all) and so a little product will fill the bathroom with fragrance. I have tried the scents melissa, rosemary, lavender, orange and linden blossom, juniper, eucalypus and pine, and found them all very faithful to source. The last three are more 'medicinal' than soothing, so I would recommend the first three if you are trying Kneipp for the first time. These are amazingly reasonably priced when you consider you can get 20+ baths out of a single bottle, so excellent value for money.

I love all of these. They are extremely fragrant and have esential oils. The orange Linden and Juniper(which smells like Spearmint) are my favorites. The scent lingers in the bathroom and on your skin. Well worth the $$ for a really therapeutic luxurious bath.

My mom used the HOPPS version on me when I was a wound-up kid...

Smells great and makes you sleepy/very relaxed...

I tried this in Eucalyptus, and I love it! Don't get me wrong, most days I don't want to smell like eucalyptus - but a soak in it did wonders for a cold/sinus headache. Also left my skin nice and soft - not oily and not dehydrated. I think that I may have to buy this in the full-size to have around for future colds.



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